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MTV is a well-established and internationally oriented company that designs and produces carbide special tools with an high technological level.

We were born as manufacturers of tools for goldsmith and eyewear industries, then becoming specialized in the production of circular saws and micro tools. Today we produce tools for several industries: Keys, Small Metal Parts, Automotive, Aerospace and Renewable Energies, Luxury and Eyewear, Electronics and Medical.

Our tools are designed and produced according to our customer’s specific needs and to the peculiar characteristics of materials to be machining. Precision and high quality are our added value. The process is entirely followed by the company in all its steps: feasibility study, quotation, design, production and quality control.

The constant investment in new machines and technologies allows us to ensure excellent results in terms of quality, with the aim of providing a service that has very high-quality standards taking care of every detail of our customer’s requests and meeting the delivery terms.
We have been working with foreign companies with the high satisfaction for a long time; more than an half of our turnover comes from them.

The constant profile cutters are the MTV top products: produced by logarithmic relief grinding, which guarantees the tool’s performance like a new one, even after the tooth’s face has been reground. The Constant Profile is applied to disc tools, shank tools, straight-toothed or spiral-toothed.

Want to find out more about our company?

Want to find out more about our company?


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